Hydrogen Combustion from Zemission

A new clean-tech product offers a smooth way to materialize the phase-out of fossil fuel dependence in Europe. Two proven technologies re-appear in a merger with remarkable results. Electricity, heating, and hot water are all produced within the household using hydrogen or biogas. 

Hydrogen is the ultimate solution of Europe’s phase-out of fossil fuel for domestic heating. The demand for new solutions is pressing. Zemission has developed a fuel-flexible solution for a domestic Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP). This clean-tech product generates electricity, household heating and hot water in a single unit. Producing electricity in this way is substantially more efficient than drawing from the grid. Waste heat becomes heating for the household. 

Hydrogen is the future

Zemission’s catalytic system is now developed to work with hydrogen as well. Hydrogen is quite different from natural gas and has its own requirements. Normally, hardware must be changed when going from natural gas to hydrogen. Not so with Zemission. The Zemission catalytic platform delivers regardless of which fuel is being used. The software optimizes the process in real time for any gas. Health hazardous by-products like nitrogen oxides (NOx) is eliminated by using the Zemission catalytic system as it is zero-emission by its nature. 

A new potential emerges

The catalytic process has been known for a long time and the concept of CHP has a history of promising all kinds of benefits. It is only now, when the two are respectively re-invented and merged into a single unit, that the true potential emerges, reducing cost, saving electricity, and decreasing CO2.