Renewable and CO2-neutral energy systems are required. In 2020, the Kyoto Protocol was replaced by the Paris Agreement and the EU launched The Green Deal with massive efforts. At a more local level, regulations are changing at a rapid pace. Meeting climate threats require robust action and new solutions. Zemission is an innovative cleantech company and our contribution is highly efficient catalytic combustion.

Highly efficient, clean and scalable

Zemission is a technology platform for catalytic combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels. Zemission features a highly efficient and fuel independent combustion process without harmful emissions. 

Our know-how is based on three parts. A catalyst that creates a flameless combustion process. Each application requires specific geometry and thermal properties for optimized performance. The third part is our software that controls the product integrated with the customer’s system.

The technology is scalable and can be applied to anything from battery heating for hybrid and electric cars to environmentally friendly heat and power generation. 

Conventional technology with flame

Highly efficient catalytic combustion

Conventional flame-based technology generates emissions of hydrocarbons (HC), nitrous oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM). 

With Zemission’s technology, such emissions disappear and radiant heat increase. Our catalytic process generates only water, carbon dioxide and air. 

Eliminate harmful emissions and increase efficiency with Zemission

If combustion is a part of your product or process, then Zemission will add significant value.

“Our clients have great visions. Zemission supports their efforts.”

Domestic Power and Heating

Together with the clean-tech company Microgen in the Netherlands, we will lower the total cost of energy with some 35% for millions of gas-powered households in Europe. Consequently, emissions of CO2 and toxic exhausts will decrease.  This product is developed for hydrogen but works equally well for biogas and natural gas.

Another product is developed together with the Swedish clean-tech company Azelio, where biogas, impure land-fill gas and sewage gas is converted to climate-smart electricity. 

Automotive Industry

Zemission solves the problem with interior climate in electric and hybrid vehicles in a most environmentally friendly way. At the same time, the vehicle’s battery is kept at optimal operating temperature and left alone for a longer driving range. 

Emission control regulations are upgraded on a regular basis. Zemission develops new solutions to meet upcoming emission standards.