Hybrid cars 2020-2025

Trucks 2020-2025

The automotive industry is a vast market undergoing a technology shift. New standards are being introduced and regulations are tightening the demand for ever lower emissions from all types of vehicles. Highly efficient combustion with zero harmful emissions supports the industry in meeting new regulations. 

Zemission + Vehicle Heat

Electric and hybrid cars are popular, but they come with a hidden problem. Comfortable heating of the interior and heating of the battery pack requires large amounts of energy. This energy should preferably not come from the batteries. Traditional space heaters in cars lack any kind of emissions aftertreatment. Zemission has a patented solution with zero emissions, and it also saves the batteries for more milage on the road. 

Zemission + Exhaust Aftertreatment

Regulations for exhaust aftertreatment is continuously intensified which requires ever more development from the manufacturers. Passenger cars are increasingly being electrified, partly or fully. When it comes to long haul heavy vehicles, electrification is not an option. Zemission is running a development project where our catalytic technology will revitalize the aftertreatment system for diesel engines.