Zemission + Vehicle Heat

Electric and hybrid cars are popular, but they come with a hidden problem. Comfortable heating of the interior and heating of the battery pack requires large amounts of energy. This energy should preferably not come from the batteries. Traditional space heaters in cars lack any kind of emission aftertreatment. Zemission has a patented solution with zero emissions, and it also saves the batteries for more milage on the road.

Electric heating drains the batteries

It is technically possible to heat the interior of a hybrid or electric car with electricity. A quick fix that unfortunately comes with substantial drawbacks. Electric heating draws a great deal of energy from the batteries, resulting in a considerable loss of electric driving range. In a hybrid car, the engine must be started prematurely. 

Upcoming emission regulations will include vehicle heating. Zemission’s heating technology is naturally free from harmful emissions and substantially increases the overall energy efficiency of the vehicle. 

Heating the battery pack
Batteries are temperature sensitive, optimal performance is between 20° and 40°C. Cold batteries have drastically decreased capacity. Thermal management is essential under cold conditions to ensure both performance and a maximum lifetime of the entire battery pack. Zemission’s efficient and zero emission heater is the optimal solution.