Household energy – a challenge for Europe

Europe has 200 million households heated with fossil energy. The electricity grid is too weak to manage the transition towards renewable energy, and a large part of households uses natural gas. Zemission’s solution for gas-connected households contributes to a trouble-free transition where homeowners also get a significantly cheaper electricity bill.

Smart heating system

The new product can automatically handle different gases, hydrogen, biogas and natural gas. It is truly future proof. The function is smart and controlled by software that analyze the gas in real time, even mixtures are recognized so that the function is optimized.  With Zemission, the energy conversion from gas to heat and hot water is naturally free of nitrogen oxides and other environmentally hazardous exhaust gases. 

Free electricity

The smart system comes with another welcome feature. Residual heat is converted into domestic electricity. The household-produced electricity lowers the monthly electricity bill by over 50%. More important for the EU is that the electricity grid is less congested. 

EU support 

The EU has recognized the progress of Zemission and is now supporting continued effort.  With a grant of 7.6 million SEK, Zemission and Microgen, a Dutch partner, now develops the smart household heating system with unique advantages. Zemission and Microgen are investing over 15 million SEK in the industrialization of the product. The market of gas-connected households is large, and mainly in northwestern Europe.