Zemission + Microgen

In north western Europe, most households are using natural gas for heating. In cooperation with Microgen in the Netherlands, Zemission is developing a unique heat and power unit that lowers the household energy cost by some 35%. The product also eliminates toxic emissions and lower CO2 emissions.

The product is a Combined Heat and Power Unit (CHP). The household produces a large part of its own electricity, which is considerably more efficient than power drawn from the grid.

1 + 1 = 3

Zemission and Microgen has developed their respective technologies to be merged into one: -the CHP unit for domestic use. With production of both heat and electricity, some major advantages appear. The catalytic process from Zemission greatly improves heat transfer and eliminates harmful exhausts. Typical problems with the stirling engine concept are effectively overcome by Microgen. Their unique stirling engine generator is an established product on the market. Local, domestically produced electricity is considerably less expensive than large scale produced electricity.

Local Electricity Production

Electricity consumption is increasing in Europe and a solution for local domestically produced electricity is welcomed news. Large scale production of electric power is less efficient as waste heat is lost. In addition, the electricity must be transported over long distances in a congested grid.

Electric power from our Combined Heat and Power unit is a highly efficient solution because the waste heat is used for heating and hot water. Toxic emissions are also eliminated and the overall CO2 intensity is reduced. Demand for large scale electricity is reduced and frees up grid capacity, to charge electric cars for example.