Zemission + Azelio

Emissions of methane gas is a serious climate threat and a large part comes from all the waste disposal and sewage plants in Europe and worldwide. Together with Azelio in Sweden, Zemission is developing a durable and robust power unit that transforms land-fill gas and sewage gas of poor quality into climate-smart and clean electricity.

Massive amounts of waste and sewage silt accumulates in Europe and around the world, and few effective treatment systems are in place. Decomposition of such waste in a low-oxygen environment results in harmful sewage gas. This is to a large part methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas.  At best, this is simply burned off, but this is an unoptimized process.

Ugly sewage gas becomes smart electricity

During several years, Azelio has developed an electric generator to transform land-fill gas into clean electricity. The need is pressing and the solution has great merit. A sustainable solution is required as regulations and legal frameworks are progressing.

Zemission lowers the cost and delivers durable combustion

Burning sewage gas is not without problems. The composition and energy content of the gas varies endlessly.  Flame-based combustion is unreliable and frequently goes out, service costs are high. By using Zemission’s technology, the combustion process becomes robust and efficient, and so delivers a dependable function. The result is less greenhouse gas, lower cost and smart electricity.