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The old way: Conventional Flame combustion

Our way: Catalytic Combustion


Flame combustion is HARD TO CONTROL, INCOMPLETE, OFTEN UNSTABLE, UNSAFE AND NOICY. Soot formation (particles) is necessary to produce significant amounts of radiant heat.



Catalytic Combustion takes place at a catalyst surface. Example; metals from the platinum group and/or certain metal oxides. It proceeds at a somewhat lower temperature as a more controlled process in a predictable chain of steps. It is COMPLETE, STABLE, SAFE AND SILENT.


Fuel flexible (diesel, bio-diesel, gasoline, ethanol, methanol, biogas, LPG). - They can all be used in the same burner,

CO2 neutral operation is easily achieved
Good fuel supply
Low running costs
No flame

  High safety
Complete combustion
  Extremely low emissions, -any future emission legislation will easily be met

Large amount of radiant heat

  Efficient heat transfer, Compact system

Excellent stability

  Reliable, Easy to control
Low flow resistance

  High efficiency

No large scale turbulence

  Silent operation

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