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Zemission means ”Zero emission”

The zero level

When the automotive industry is bragging about ”zero emissions” they are still 100 times above the levels reached by our combustion technology, and when it comes to particles, our emissions are negligible.

Cleaning the air

We are seriously devoted to reaching zero emission of CO, NOx, hydrocarbons and particles. The hydrocarbon emission is even negative relative to the ambient air. We are actually cleaning the air! How is this possible? By achieving complete combustion, virtually every single fuel molecule is used up in the process. In fact, the emissions are “breathable”. As an other environmental effect, methane, a very strong greenhouse gas, is reduced to zero.

CO2 neutral

What about CO2? All fuels containing carbon will generate CO2 when combusted, but in our case you can use CO2 neutral fuels like bio-diesel, ethanol or methanol, so there is no CO2 from fossil sources.



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