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A unique combustion technology

Catalytic combustion is a phenomenon which has been known to scientists for a long time, but so far, it has only been practically possible to use gaseous fuels. Zemission has now developed new technology for this process. The result is Catalytic Burner Products for liquid fuels.

Zemission has developed a cutting edge knowledge base on high temperature catalyst – gas phase interaction and worked extensively on the problems of how to achieve complete fuel evaporation regardless of fuel type, homogenous fuel/air mixture and a clean and efficient start-up procedure.

After several years of research, Zemission has been able to solve the problems in a cost effective way. The technology is patented and it is now beyond proof concerning stability, versatility and efficiency.

Company Vision

Zemission will, based on cutting edge know-how and a number of strong patents, be a world leader in catalytic combustion technology with a clearly outspoken Cleantech focus and commitment to the environment. We will develop, customize and produce burners for industrial and consumer applications.



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