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Combustion without a flame is the key to zero emissions, reliability, multi-fuel capability, as well as silence.

Heaters for hybrid, plug-in and electrical cars

The high amount of waste heat produced by conventional engines has until now provided more than enough energy for interior heating. This is not the case in a hybrid vehicle and the problem is even more pronounced in plug-in hybrids and purely electric vehicles. Heating the car interior will become an increasing problem as soon as the technology is optimized.

Electrical heating is significantly less efficient, and of course reduces the range of the vehicle. The Zemission burner technology is outstanding for this application. It does not reduce the range, it is silent and it is Zero emission.

Electrical Power generation
Imagine mobile power generators that you can actually place wherever you like, since it does not make any noise or emit any harmful emissions. Use it to operate your utilities without grid connections or to charge your batteries.

Space heaters and Water heaters
The advantages over flame-based technology are highly valuable for a number of well-known applications, like automotive heaters, space heaters, heaters for RV’s and yachts, just to name a few.

No more gas in RV vehicles and boats
Think of an RV vehicle or a boat where all appliances use Zemission burners and take its fuel from the main tank. Among all the advantages the best one is probably to get rid of the gas bottles!

All appliances can use Zemission burners instead of gas-burners, like cooking stoves, ovens, heating systems, and even refrigerators. All products will operate in silence and use the fuel from the main tank, be it diesel, bio-diesel, petrol, or E85.

Eliminating the hassle of gas bottles in RV vehicles and boats will free up space and give peace of mind not having to worry about gas leakage.


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